22 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Eco-pet friendly

Not long ago environmentalists released a pretty sobering statistic saying owning a pet was about as good for the planet as driving an SUV. Which is to say, not good at all.

Because today is Earth Day -- and because I have some appropriate goodies to give away -- I thought it would be helpful if folks could share things they do to ease the impact of their pet on the environment. Tell us what you've done, what you've tried, what you've heard about.

When you comment, you'll have a chance to win some cool stuff. I've got extremly sweet (and soft) organic cotton toys (like the one at right) from Simply Fido. And there are things from Petco's Plantet Petco line of green pet products. They've sent over one of their plush dog toys that's made with natural vegetable dyes and environmentally friendly materials. (It's not any of the three pictured above but a similarly cute, similarly-sized duck.)

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